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Manhattan Pizza has a sweet side!

Entire communities gather around our hand-tossed pies, stacked sandwiches, fresh salads, and traditional Italian meals. It's generally not long after a grand opening that crowds begin to spread word about Manhattan's Pizza's authentic, home-cooked cuisine.

However, it's not our just savory creations that keep customers raving. At Manhattan Pizza, we offer up a sweeter, more decadent side. Yes, our desserts hold a fan-base of their own.

Whether ducking in for a few scoops of our secret-recipe gelato or digging into the buttery richness of one of our scratch-made cakes (Chocolate, Carrot and Red Velvet), people LOVE the confectionery magic coming out of our kitchen.

Manhattan Pizza offers crave-worthy treats any time of day. Crafted by hand and whipped up with passion, our sugary selections rival those of the most upscale bakery.

These include:

  • Signature Cannoli, which feature a crisp shell and are filled to order with creamy frosting.
  • New York Style Cheesecake, which forks up dense and instantly transports customers to a night out in the city.
  • Melt-In-Your-Mouth Cakes, which are topped with a generous layer of velvety icing, slicing through light and fluffy.

Our house-made gelato comes in 12 fresh, creamy flavor profiles and showcases like a work of art. It's often one of the first Manhattan Pizza creations enjoyed by many newcomers, so we take it seriously around here. To perfect this frozen European treat, our corporate team trained extensively in the art of gelato making. We've even mastered how to make gelato pops! It's a wonderful way to offer a highly memorable experience for returning customers and newcomers alike!

Short and sweet (pun intended), the caliber of our dessert ingredients sets us apart from competitors. We don't cut corners on fill-ins or recipes, and we don't stop improving the finished product until we get it just right. The result - People keep coming back to Manhattan Pizza as a delectable destination. We invite you to treat yourself too. Dive spoon first into a cup of our rich gelato or a slice of cake and top it off by grabbing a slice or two of our award-winning pizza pies.

We hope that you continue to enjoy our classic Manhattan tastes and extraordinary service!

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